ZEN Energy and SIMEC Energy Australia together deliver truly integrated, sustainable solutions for your energy needs. We work at the forefront of Australia’s transition to decentralised, low carbon energy, and are one of the few partnerships in Australia that can deliver real optimisation of renewable energy for homes, business, industry, and government.

ZEN Energy designs, installs and supports Australia’s best solar energy and battery storage systems for homes and businesses across Australia. With over 30,000 systems already installed across Australia ranging from small-scale residential systems through to multi-megawatt commercial systems, our energy systems are produced in conjunction with the world’s leading component manufacturers with the capacity and know-how to deliver a sustainable energy pathway for your needs, now and into the future.

Through SIMEC Energy Australia, we can also deliver renewables-backed retail electricity contracts to unlock extra value from a ZEN Energy hardware solution.

ZEN Energy is also a proud member of GFG Alliance, an international group of industrial and energy businesses working together on a mission to invigorate industry and engineering around the world using sustainable solutions, new technology, local resources and big thinking.

Learn more about ZEN Energy at www.zenenergy.com.au

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