Film Screening Announced - The Biggest Little Farm

A new event has just been released on the official GREEN POWER FESTIVAL schedule! This fabulous film screening will be held Wednesday night 1 April at 6pm at Cinema Augusta (9 Carlton Pde, Port Augusta). Running time is 91 minutes.

THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM chronicles the eight-year quest of John and Molly Chester as they trade city living for 200 acres of barren farmland and a dream to harvest in harmony with nature.Through dogged perseverance and embracing the opportunity provided by nature's conflicts, the Chestersunlock and uncover a biodiverse design for living that exists far beyond their farm, its seasons, and our wildest imagination.Featuring breathtaking cinematography, captivating animals, and an urgent message to heed Mother Nature’s call, THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM provides us all a vital blueprint for better living and a healthier planet.

You can catch the preview here.

This film has been shown at many film festivals around the world:

2018 Telluride Film Festival
2018 Toronto Film Festival
2018 Hamptons International Film Festival
2018 Mill Valley Film Festival
2018Middleburg Film Festival
2018 Vermont International Film Festival
2018 Philadelphia Film Festival
2018 Denver Film Festival
2018 Virginia Film Festival
2018 St. Louis International Film Festival
2018 Napa Valley Film Festival
2018 DOC NYC2018 AFI Festival
2018 Hawaii International Film Festival
2019 Sundance Film Festival
2019 Santa Barbara International Film Festival
2019 Atlanta Film Festival
2019 Minneapolis St. Paul Film Festival
2019 San Francisco International Film Festival
2019 Chattanooga Film Festival
2019 Dallas International Film Festival
2019 Phoenix Film Festival
2019 DOC10
2019 Newport Beach Film Festival
2019 EarthXFilm Festival
2019 Princeton Environmental Film Festival
2019 Orcas Island Film Festival
2019 One Take Documentary Film Festival
2019 Hamptons DocFest Spring Festival
2019 Indy Film Festival


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